Comments : Rainbow souls make you whole

  • 13 years ago

    by Kris

    Beautiful! Love the way your words are so visual.

    Your words dance with beauty.

  • 13 years ago

    by Goodbye

    This is so beautiful. I had to read it over and over again.. I wish someone would say so beautiful poems to me. Thank you!! XXX

  • 13 years ago

    by True Love Never Dies

    This is absolutely beautiful. I know if my man had a way with words he would sya them to me because I know that is how he feels XXX

  • 13 years ago

    by Natalie

    Mr. Darcy, once again I am astounded by your lyrical expression! This is undoubtedly my second favourite of all your poems (following, of course, "My Frozen Beauty.") So, therefore, I would not do it justice if I did not analyse it completely! *smiles*

    "Look into the sky and embrace this day"

    This line is beautiful in itself. I noticed (and loved) that you used the word "into" as opposed to just looking up at the sky. I feel that by the simple use of this word you are saying look beyond what you normally see. A very powerful thing because it makes the reader question, what are we missing?

    "embrace this day"

    I love this line! To me it says, 'don’t just grab the day, make it all in love with you and succumb to all your desires!" Beautiful.

    "See how clouds slowly dance, creating the beautiful gallery of your heart"

    I love the vivid image of dancing clouds, I envisioned a sort of romantic, gently, slow waltz. This section, I felt, makes the reader stop almost as if meditating on the speed of this dance, enchanted by it. In our hectic lives, amongst our surroundings, there is some form of peace and tranquility. Magically painted. I particularly enjoyed the fact that these clouds create the “beautiful gallery of” her heart. It reminds me of my being a child and staring up at the sky trying to distinguish shapes in the clouds. You words go beyond this simplistic childish act and it is almost like you are asking her to define her life, her future, her ‘gallery’ in these clouds. Almost as if fortune telling. Very intriguing indeed.

    “Paint pictures with your box of memories and your rainbow soul.”

    Wow. What a beautiful picture you make with these words!! People often have the tendency to hide certain memories because of shame, fear or even pain. So I feel that by exquisitely requesting them to “paint pictures” you are saying ‘we should not only free our memories but allow them to paint who you are, to define your future.” Such a powerful idea! If only we could truly learn from our past then we shall grow! I love the image behind the “rainbow soul” because I picture it as being an alive and free one!

    “The picture you wish to create is within your mind, felt deep in your soul and believed with every harmonious beat of your heart.”

    This, again, is just so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Who you want to be lies inside you! Let it out! You’re soul feels its need to rise out of you and your heart ‘harmoniously’ knows the talent. They are one. Such a superior ideal!

    “Believe in your talent”

    It is often said that those with most talent are the humblest and modest people around. Open your eyes, see yourself for who you are. So beautiful. This woman is extremely lucky to have a man who appreciates her so tenderly and poetically!

    “Close your eyes and allow the image of your dancing brushes to sway before you. Watch how you effortlessly blend those colours into a beautiful spectrum of crystallised light.”

    The imagery in these lines is absolutely impeccable! You are asking her to discover herself and speculating on how it would be! She is painting her future, stroke by stroke, becoming who she yearns to be. Flawless.

    “Your canvas awaits your talent, yearning for the magnificence of your mind and the courage of what you truly believe in”

    Here I feel you are urging her, almost pushing her to reach into herself and squeeze all that talent out of herself and magnify it onto the world! It feels like through this talent, the world will become a better place and you almost stare in awe, urging it to happen and at the same time amazed that she does not know what a brilliant future awaits her.

    “Open your mind to a world of possibilities, where challenges no longer create walls to climb, instead the belief that knowledge can allow you to mentally walk through them, to a life full of opportunity and personal growth.”

    Here I get the sensation that you are referring to enlightenment! Why? Well walking through walls, instead of climbing over them and using these experiences as a mode of personal growth is a very spiritual notion! I love that you say open your mind as opposed to open your eyes because our eyes are only a physical tool used by the mind for better understanding. If the eyes are open but the mind is closed, one will not see things for what they truly are. A charming perception indeed!

    “Release your mind and set your rainbow soul free”

    I love this line. It is a message that should not be taken lightly, one that many people should learn. Do not be closed minded, set your mind free! Do not conform to social normalities, allow the colours (the uniqueness) within yourself to be set free! How much of a better world would this be if we could all achieve this? The possibilities are endless.

    “Her beautiful mind, body and soul are of little consequence when her heart is breaking.”

    This is such a painful situation. Here before us, you place a character who is beautiful both in exterior and interior and yet she cannot shine to her full potential because heartbreak is clouding her. A broken heart, a breaking one is a tragedy. You depict this tragedy extremely humanely and have thus, made this a poem relatable to anyone who has ever loved. An excellent achievement I would say.

    “Words are the medicine, the healing tools of love”

    This is so poetic to my ears! I did, however, initially misinterpret them. I was under the impression that this lady was a poet too and that through expression of her own words would she find her cure! What a pleasant surprise when you say….

    “Observe how these words suture these open wounds, healing the despair and soothing her fears..”

    It will be your words that save her and not her own! How beautiful! Firstly, I feel that by doing this you are telling the world that with empathy and support we can heal another’s pain! (A powerful lesson to be learnt) Secondly, I believe you are showing the power of words on a wanting ear because this woman is apparently living through quite the ordeal and it is almost like saying only the poet can cure love!

    Finally, the words, “Shhhh, my lady, rest now, sleep and you will awaken to a new, blue horizon,” leaves the reader with a sense of peace. This woman is finally cared for by the beautiful words of a loving poet and he will lead her into her new life, the release of her, “rainbow soul.”
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece. It has touched me deeply. Perhaps there is hope amongst this dark world after all! *smiles*

    Natalie M. Sarantos

  • 13 years ago

    by Cyma Khan

    One word "Perfect"
    A complete gesture of feelings and moods mostly its about support and trust.
    Keep up the good work.

  • 13 years ago

    by Mike Wilburn

    Your canvas awaits your talent, yearning for the magnificence of your mind and the courage of what you truly believe in.

    This line is spectacular, a quote on it's own. You have to believe everyone is an artist somehow. It's time to paint with broad strokes, Well Done 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by Rachel RTVW

    (crystallised should be crystalized)

    This poem was beautifully done with vivid imagery, flow and word choice. It paints a serene picture for the reader and delivers an inspirational message. You have done a wonderful job on this piece!

  • 13 years ago

    by JAZMIN

    This is an amazaing poem...
    you have such vivid imagination and an appreciation for art....
    Great job!

  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    I truly love reading over your work, especially when I stumble upon little gems like this.
    This seems like the perfect antidote for anyone who doubts themselves or has writers block! Just......believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

    "Her beautiful mind, body and soul are of little consequence when her heart is breaking"

    This certainly shook my own heart on its foundations, Michael.....

    All the very best,

    • 5 years ago

      by Mr. Darcy

      When I read the title I had completely forgotten it was one of mine. That particular line was advice to a special someone once upon a time...

      Im very glad you enjoyed it, I did too!