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    L0VE iT !!

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    L0VE iT !!

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    by CanUKissAwayMyPain

    My Teenage Sweetheart, Baby Boy
    Mi Amor. Mi Todo. Aqui Estoy

    ^awww... for me i love spanish words in poem. it makes it more personal more emotional for me. i love it.

    You Left, I cried.. So Hurt Inside
    Missing You. Want To Be By Your Side

    ^aww.. thats how i feel wen i dnt have mi chicko by myside i feel my ohter half is gone wen he leaves. i love this part as well. strong emotions.

    Your Kiss. Your Touch. Te Necesito
    Your Smile. Your Laugh. Te Quiero

    ^lovely words you have writen here. needing him n loving him truly says it right here

    Days Went By, Nothing Known
    Weeks. Then Months. I'm Losing Hope

    ^flow was nice. i like it

    One Year Later. It's So Unreal
    Can't Believe I Feel What I Feel

    ^amazing i love it. trulie sad as wel.

    I Smile. I Blush, When I Hear Your Name
    I Pray To God You Feel The Same

    ^the same here. everytime i hear my chicko's nombe i do blush n smile i can so realte to this part. it reminds mi of him. i lubit!!

    I'm Here For You In Time Of Need
    I'm Here With You When You Succeed

    ^you are by his side though rain or shine. an amazing friend has well.

    Letting You Know That I Trust You
    Whatever Is Next.. Is Up To You

    ^i love ur closing. amazing job you did here. keep it up!!

    TaKe CaRe,