Class of 2008

by SweetZombiie   Oct 24, 2008

The feeling is bittersweet,
yet we wear the biggest smile that shows our teeth,
Reality begins to hit, and we realize that this is it.
All uniformed in caps and gowns, blue and red all around,
Running around saying our final goodbyes,
Tears begin to dwell in our eyes.
The memories never cease to exist,
As today we begin to reminisce,
the memories dear to us,
And the many more we could hope to delete.
The jokes of yesterday,
Continue to make us laugh today,
The embarrassing moment we had in class,
Hoping people would forget it fast.
The ever famous fourth floor,
Tricked more freshmen than before,
As they innocently walked up the stairs,
The puzzled look on their face when the stairs stopped there.
The unforgettable excuses we would say,
Like the dog ate my homework yesterday,
My locker is jammed I swear,
Or aliens stole it and I was unaware.
The many all-nighters we would pull,
As the month old assignment was due,
Procrastination we knew all too well and adore,
Yet never learned of the mistakes of before.
Staying up late watching the screen,
Just losing precious hours of sleep,
Talking on the phone about everything and more,
Complaining of the little sleep we got the night before.
Setting up the alarm clock,
The morning is going to be rough,
It takes longer to lay our head down,
Then for us to be asleep and sound.
Morning is here once again,
The snooze button becomes our best friend,
We beg for five more minutes,
As we hug our pillow belong the limit.
The crowded halls were nothing new,
Getting shoved and pushed, pummeled too,
Sneakers are no longer new,
And the traffic because of the couple who needs a room.
Pop quiz on the homework we decided not to do,
We look at the paper and we have not a clue,
The person in front of us is close enough for us to peek,
Using our resources cannot be considered as cheat.
The fight that broke out in gym,
Two girls fight over him,
They found out they were not the only one,
Twenty days, does not sound fun.
The dispute we had in the Caf.,
When they took our chair and laughed,
We got into each other's face,
Oxygen decreased as people crowded around our space.
When we tripped up the stairs,
And we laughed about it like who cares,
Yet the cute boys saw us fall,
And we wanted to find the nearest hole and crawl.
The many zits on our face,
Right before a very important date,
Our very first bad hair day,
The insecure thoughts about our weight.
The "he said, she said" ruled the day,
As the rumors spread along the hallway,
He's the man, she's the hussy,
And the baby on the way can be very fussy.
The teacher with the accent,
No way could we understand what they meant,
The teacher who wore the same thing day after day,
And wore last year shoes today.
The teacher with the annoying laugh,
Who should definitely stay away from jokes and stick to math,
The teacher who never showed up,
Yet expected more out of us.
The teacher who should lay off the caffeine,
Because her attitude was way over the extreme,
The teacher who should smile more,
A few less wrinkles could not hurt.
The historic teacher who lived in the past,
Back when the dinosaurs roamed in packs,
And the teacher who got called every name in the book,
Because no excuses she took.
The problems of then do not seem as big,
There are more things ahead to make us tick,
We leave thouse memories behind,
As we sit side by side.
Four years ago sums up today,
Tears and smiles all in one day,
Working hard to receive a tassle,
In the end was worth all the hassle.
A new easel stands plain,
As a new story is painted today,
It all begins when the caps soar in the sky,
Because Grads, it's finally our time.


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