Growls in the Night

by Weeping Wolf   Mar 9, 2009

Growls in the Night

Two hearts
as a whole
so flourish, my soul

your whispers
my kisses
let them create
the same bliss

and your growls in the night
Oh, captivating my life
so much, that I dream
of feeling them tremble
upon my neck in the air

You, my darkness
I, your light
let colors contrast
shadows of the night

You've known me
Yet not held me
All I ask,
Take me-
body and spirit
but don't let me go.
So thrive my soul.

My defenses
dangle on a thread
for your fangs
to gently shed...

To howl like never before
Static igniting down to the core
I am yours. I am yours.
This is surrender I've never known
You are mine. So fly, my soul.

You have my all.
All that's left
to vanquish
Is fateful Desire
Come to me
So you may
Run with me
and never tire...
Never tire.
Run with me
Never tire.
That is all...
I desire.
but never tire.

Two hearts running
Love, our light, our goal
Oh, so thrive our soul.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Cooper

    You are one of the very few poets on here that I don't generally dislike.

    Once again, you had fantastic flow, and your poem was deep. Sorry if that's not exactly descriptive, but I dislike ruining poetry with tasteless comments.

    ... Like this one ...
    ..... Your poems are beautiful and inspiring. Don't stop writing them.