Comments : Our Time Here

  • 6 years ago

    by Masked metaphor

    They will look at us with disgust.
    They will take back their trust.
    No more are we objects of their lust,
    But figures of righteousness to the unjust.
    I like this omniscient character orchestrated at the start, it allows the reader to want to keep reading to find out who 'they' are and find the clues as to why they will look at you in disgust or losing trust... its a great way to lure the person into reading more! Awesome work!

    We will be spit on.
    We will be frowned upon,
    But we will continue to use Christ as our secret weapon.
    Again you use this aura that makes the reader think why? I just have to say I love how you say use Christ as our secret weapon!
    i love it!

    We will be the epitome of their mockery.
    Meanwhile, our faith will remain what it will always be,
    But our suffering will continue to be plenty.
    This stanza is so empowering as it reveals the answers to the questions the readers have been seeking since the start!
    I love the strength you display for your beliefs so powerful and motivating

    They will plague us a great deal,
    But we will ultimately fulfill God's will.
    For our fate is already sealed.
    Such a wonderful and strong way to complete this piece. God always looks after his followers although the road ahead is filled with pain and suffering awards build up for your dedication, devotion and faith in heaven!

    thanks for sharing such a great piece!
    5.5 from me