Comments : Fight for life, fight for death.

  • 8 years ago

    by Xionide

    "I'm stating to lose this control"

    Do you mean starting in this sentance by any chance?

    "God help me with this sadness
    I cant seem to find the strength
    I'm falling in to madness
    Being pulled in length by length "

    I love this stanza, it flows so well almost as if it just slides off teh tongue.

    "Body and mind fight head and head
    One will save me, the other I'll be dead
    Knowing that knowledge wont change my fate
    The only thing on my mind is losing weight"

    Is there anything more powerful in this poem than this part right here? I think not. that part is superb.

    overall, this poem is amazing through the story it tells because it happens to be true to so many people, a dangerous road to tread and so hard to break, ive been there what with used to being fat in the past lol. the sadness within those words you typed are very much clear as day and thats a good thing toward the poem but not for the problem at hand. this is a hard piece to read when the reader can relate to every single word written. this is amazing. and I applaude you for telling it so clearly.