Comments : She is my best friend

  • 12 years ago

    by H. Elizabeth

    Another, beautiful write. I must say, i am in love with your writing, haha.

    When you said
    "She falled,
    She falled hard in the same spiral,
    As the others."
    I think you meant to put "She fell, she fell hard in the same spiral as the others."
    Just a little grammar help. (:

    "The scars on her arms,
    Are there to prove it,
    She is already down,
    Into that lane.

    Depressed at heart,
    Faking happiness,
    Smiling each day,
    Crying to sleep every night."

    This is a great way to put this.
    So many of us seem to struggle with depression/self-harm/suicide these days.

    This poem so beautifully written, just like your others. I'm excited to read more from you. (:

    ~Hannah E