Comments : Dear Josh, My Only Love

  • 5 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Even though this is an older poem from you, I can tell this came from your heart. In the third stanza diamond should be diamonds because you are meaning more than one. In the fourth stanza change laughterful to wonderful. Laughterful is not a word lol. Now for the poem.

    I love this because of the emotions you put into this. I can tell you really love this person or did I suppose. You put your whole heart into this and you make the characters come alive. The girl is a typical girl I feel. A teen who is in love haha. But she radiates with happiness. You make the guy out to be a prince it seems. No one is perfect of course but I think when you are in love nothing else matters. The wording here is brillant in spots and I think the stanzas are very free flowing and connecr well. Overall I loved this because you make it so very real and personalize it well. And I can feel the love you have for this person. Well done