Comments : Sensual Soul

  • 8 years ago

    by BlueJay

    I really like this one, good job mom. Sorry the comments sonlate though

  • 8 years ago

    by sleepingwithsirensfanatic

    I just wanted to say you are a truly amazing writer especially for such a young age wonderful job! (:

  • 7 years ago

    by Lune de ma vie

    Beautiful poem with much description and emotion.

  • 7 years ago

    by CuteThingsGoneWrong

    A lot can be said in this poem, and again its very easily to relate to. This one you can tell that it has a deeper meaning to the poet though, which lets you into their soul a little but the way you write it feels like just a toe. Like im testing the waters in a pool lmao. But back to the poem at hand i suppose.

    I have emotions from my soul
    I got drunk on them and escape from
    this world.

    I love the implications of you getting drunk off your emotions, being drunk is usually seen as a bad thing but the way its worded and played makes me believe its going to be an uplifting poem. And the notion of being drunk off your emotions.... Im going to use that because thats how i feel sometimes. Great line, great stanza.
    Usually drinking to escape is bad but again i feel like this escape is going to be positive and happy... Like its a revelation of who you are as a person. So cute.

    Rapture takes me for a ride and I
    give it allowing for the biggest
    rush I've ever known.

    The BIGGEST rush ~! I love the word usage here also. Your descriptions are beautiful. Rapture is seen as a good and a bad thing. I view it as good because of my beliefs... I love the wording here though, and this describes the type of rush your getting. Something quick that really gets you... But its so meaningful

    I bring back a piece of my soul each
    time I go. I am almost whole.

    This is beautiful.
    I really cant comment on that last part...
    But i understand it makes me want to cry.

  • 7 years ago

    by -Choke-On-MY-Halo-

    Intresting poem, for a beginning poet you're starting on the right track by using imagery and emotions two of the most important things any poet can posses in a poem! Although I would've wanted it slilghtly longer on each stanza I find it that it does have it's charm, seems to flow throughout the poem and of course made the reader go "awe good for you!". Like Willow aka CTGW it's relatable world wide and that's what connects each poet together the experiences of yesterday, or of today and finding a cure in a poem in ways that words can only heal. Anyways great job for a beginning poet always send me a private message is you need a poem commented on hope to see your work in the future! 4/5