The life of a trucker and his family ( tribute to my Daddy)

by TragicChaos   May 29, 2013

He walks out the door with his bag in hand, saying I love
you be back as soon as I can.
He gets in the truck and shuts the door, Smiling as he
blows that loud horn.
I hear the roar of the diesel engine, and I know this trip
is just begining.
I hear the loud hiss of air as he gets ready to pull out, I
know he didnt rest and he is still wore out.
I run to the truck to steal another hug not wanting to
leave it to fate, Because you never know when it will
be to late.
As the truck leaves I sit and stare, I pray for him to stay
Its something Im used to and have grown up with,
But every time he leaves I go stiff.
He does what he knows to do, But he doesnt really have
a clue.
I dont think he see's what it does to us, He doesnt think
we can see the weariness.
But he was born the son of a trucker who passed it on down
the line, Daddy always said tuckers were our kind.
He raised me in that ole red pete until I was old enough for
school, there for a few years I thought it was cool.
Until I got old enough to see the time it took away, And was
able to finally understand the dangers he faced every day.
Not near enough respect is given to the cowboys of the
road, And most don't care about their heavy loads.
people dont see that they are away from home, Their days filled
with diesel and chrome.
People don't care that in order to buy from a store the trucker
will miss alot of his childs life, and that 9 times out of 10 loose
his wife.
Canceled fishing trips a alot of broken promises is all the child
has to hold, But when he has time for her she learns to cherish
those moments for they are a precious a gold.
So for those who are not luckey enough to know a trucker and
you find yourself behind or in front of one, Just remember its not
a race to be won.
Make his day by being cautious and safe so they can finish the trip
and make it home to see the ones that he loves, who can fully appriciate
all the he does.
This is for the truck drivers out there, This is just to let
you know some still care.
Also for my daddy a hell of a man, One of the best who will keep those big
wheels rolling as long as he can


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  • 5 years ago

    by Sarah Day

    A real eye opener. Love the emotion I feel as if I were the child-