To My Dearest Valentine.

by Moises Delgado   Jul 9, 2013

When I first asked you to be mine
i don't know why i found my self wanting to
cry from how much i wanted to tell you how i feel.

So here is the deal i wrote it to you instead and
this i know for sure when I'm near you i turn
bright red when i see you go from me a deep dark blue. I sit and question my self could it be
that i love you ?

Is this why i chose you on this day to express
how i feel i only wish I could have done it sooner
instead of today having to share today with every
one saying what I really wanted to say so bottom
line is.

You drive me insane simple and plain when I'm
with you i never want to leave I could count
down from 3 to 1 on things i love about you,
but that was a lie because when i start talking
about you i would continue until the day i die.

I see now i was put on this earth to be part
of your life as you are to complete mine so all
I am trying to say is today when i asked you
to be my valentine i didn't just ask that,
but also for you to be mine share every moment
of the day with me tell me everything Your my better
half your my life, my soul.

Everything i could ever ask for your better than any dream girl because your real and this is just a tiny portion of how i feel twards you so take my hand and start a new chapter in our lifes as the day you said yes and became all mine.


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