Comments : What Was I?

  • 5 years ago

    by ThebutterfliesMuse

    I loved how you got your true feelings out in this poem.I feel like they were building inside of you. Its hard when you fall for someone that is playing hard to get or makes you feel like this. Its hard to give our hearts away and when we do we truly think it might be forever.

    Again when you feel like you are unloved its hard to open up and when you do its hard when they dont love you back or you feel like they dont. You describe this person and you so well here. Sometimes we must go through heart break to find the one. The one that will always love us. So keep your head held high!

    We all want the truth no matter what and the truth really can help to let go of your past or love. I love this poem because as I said it seems like you reached down deep to let it all out and it worked well for you. I hope you get over this person. May your heart love again. 5