Comments : How Stupid Can I Be?

  • 8 years ago

    by ThebutterfliesMuse

    We always fall for the person we see never knowing what the true person inside. I do love the drug laced lines part though. Its hard again when the other person doesnt feel the same way as you do. We fall for what we see always. And it kills us when we know it will never be true. We give so much of our lives and heart to one person.

    You show your feelings so very well. I hate that feeling when its not going to be at all. When you are second tothe one you love. Thats why its great to let go and move on or let your ffeelings out like you do here.

    We always want to hold on to what will not be and I believe that is human nature. Its easy to fall when you feel like it could be forever but in the end sometimes we get hurt. I love how you describe this person again though because he is so cold and so much hate flows through you but again its great to get feelings out. 5