A Valentine's Poem

by Court   Mar 26, 2014

the day is near
full of chocolate
some of tears

Tears of happiness
and of joy
women laughing
acting coy

Reverse the thought
somehow the day
gets seen by many
a different way

Tears and chocolate
yes, that's true
but for these many
the tears they rue

Things so different
the day the same
tears or laughter
who's to blame

thoughts unfinished
things unsaid
letters written
left unread

Hearts unbroken
or in pieces
Love unspoken
no one receives

Such a line
between the two
those lucky few

Give a gift
either way
bring happiness
this coming day

Such a line
which side for you
one so loving
one so blue

Remember, friend
treat with care
this time so wondrous
yet so unfair

Love or loneliness
a fickle game
things so different
share the name

so very simple
so quick to say
so unassuming
St. Valentine's Day.


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