Comments : Leaving Town

  • 7 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Title: This is an interesting title because it is simple in its meaning. leaving town just means leaving town, but you have to write about why you are. That's what will make the poem great.

    I cannot really break this poem down into parts so I will leave you my thoughts.

    I loved that you used rucksack instead of backpack, though I did have to look it up, it plays nicely and tricky in the poem. :). This is a beautiful start to the poem as a whole. you have nothing left but her and the backpack you carry which can be only full of clothes and essentials. The set up is lovely because right away you say why you want to leave town. The town you are in is not longer safe and the only safe place you feel is the room in which you sleep, which doesn't seem to be enough anymore. You are trying your hardest to please what everyone wants but you cannot take it anymore. so you are leaving town for your own safety. Everyone deserves to live a life that they want and not everyone else wants. LOVE this ending.

    My interpretation of it might be different than other people. My first thought here was that you found the card and went to that address to feel safe or help someone else. but in turn you got burnt. so then you write that address in the card and it is now forgotten, because you are leaving to live your life. I loved this poem as a whole because the message is strong with the way you wrote it. 5/5