Comments : Weak Enough to Break

  • 6 years ago

    by Sam


    I was reading your poem, and honestly it kind of made me feel a little odd. I don't know if this oddness is a good feeling, or a bad feeling. I read your profile description, because I thought that it would give me a little bit more of an insight about you, and you stated that you write when you feel down and are really emotional.

    Lately I can't sleep
    And when I do I dream about him
    I can't feel safe with anyone
    He's there reeking beneath my skin

    ^ This stanza here did not give me a good feeling. It really didn't. It kind of made me a little angry, even though I don't really know the back story behind it. I have a bad feeling about this stanza, but my thoughts could be completely wrong. I hope they are...

    To the beautiful people I have met
    I truly hope that you all can and will find your way
    The truth is I'm not a fighter I'm not strong
    I am weak and I will never be saved

    ^ I think that you are wrong about the last two verses here. You are a fighter, and you are strong. You are not weak, and you will be saved. You are proving it just by writing this poem. You are here, right now, and still alive. In this life, you will get hurt countless times; you will suffer. There is nothing that you can do about this fact; no one goes through life perfectly, unless their heart is made of stone.

    I am not a preacher, but I thought that I might try to uplift your spirit, the best that I can. I do not know exactly what you have been through, and I probably never will. If you continue to write your poems, then you are fighting it. You are a fighter.

    You have a beautiful soul.

    Stay strong.

  • 6 years ago

    by Fallengod667

    Strength comes from the ability to take the pain of your life and continue to endure. Life is difficult, dying is the easy part. The people who seem strong haven't had to confront the real world. As awful as your situation was/is you've been given an opportunity to really appreciate your life. Don't take that for granted. 5/5

  • 5 years ago

    by Em

    This was a real emotional and powerful piece. The emotion was very raw and obviously needed to come out as I can see it needed to be dealt with and I am hoping that you no longer feel this way and this helped.
    A beautiful but saddening piece, written well.