Comments : A Religious Man - Science Fiction - English Sonnet

  • 4 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy


    These forms are difficult enough, let alone squeezing a topic that would not usually be associated with a Sonnet.

    I will come back later and edit this comment as there is much to say, but suffice to say I am impressed with your execution of this form.

    *claps, whoops and cheers*

    Okay, I'm back...

    To see the world as if it were a rose
    Set out in the first line the concept. What if the world was like a rose. This makes the reader ponder from the start. I am imagining layers like petals, each layer revealing more wonder than the previous. I am also imagining the complex aromas and colours, just like a rose - the concept is beautiful to imagine like a rose.

    *I will be back later...

    that sprouts and blossoms from the hand of God?
    A man must be religious, I suppose.
    or at the very least... insanely mad!
    because technology has now evolved
    where brains are being zap with magnetisms
    to make believers think they've been absolved
    from having to study their catechisms.
    But just because a few remain with faith,
    despite their brains having endured the zaps,
    Society should not see them as a wraith
    That has no say nor stitch their mouths with straps

    For I am one of those that still remain
    And I can clearly say, I'm not insane!