Comments : Till the day I draw my last breath.

  • 5 years ago

    by Cindy

    What a heartbreaking piece you have penned. I felt the pain and sadness with each word I read..I know that feeling very well even after all these years it still hurts.
    Excellent job
    Love Cindy

  • 5 years ago

    by Em

    This Is beautifully penned and shows just how much you miss this person..

    Nothing in this world can ever deny,
    what my heart is feeling without you.
    You were my life, my love my joy,
    and all my dreams come through.
    A fab opening that sets the scene of lost love. You obviously had a real love For this person because they were your life. I think through at the end of the stanza should possibly have meant to be true though.

    I hope the day will come once more,
    where i'll have you back at my side.
    I will always love you my princess,
    until the day I die.
    The fact that you want this person back and that she'll always be your princess shows that she did and still does mean a lot to you but unfortunately it doesn't always work like that :(

    I'll never forget your beautiful smile,
    and the warmth your presence ignite.
    You'll always be a lamp burning in my heart,
    when it's lonely and cold at night.
    This is the most sincerest part of the piece and I love this stands because it rings true for many of us. I feel that no natter what somebody has does when they have touched us they will always be a part of us in our hearts.

    Yesterday when I saw him holding you close,
    you seem to be on a high.
    You never express an ounce of sadness,
    though you saw the tears in my eyes.
    It's so hard when you see somebody else with the person you want even if they are happy because we're only human after all.

    God knows how much I am missing you,
    as each lonely days and nights goes by.
    I often lay awake late into the night, thinking
    of you and cry.
    I can imagine a broken man doing this because although men will not admit it I know they do it. Just the thought of a person who once was close to us will bring tears to our eyes.

    But dreams and hopes of having you back
    is all that I have left.
    And I will hold on to those dreams and hopes,
    until the day I draw my last breath.
    A wonderful end to a beautiful yet sad piece.


  • 4 years ago

    by mossgirl19

    OMG...awww this is so heart-gripping! So beautifully penned!