Comments : What lies beneath the heart.

  • 4 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    I cannot tell you how much this poem hits me right now.

    I think you are so right when you describe this other dimension of pain, a place where it goes beyond the heart and hurts in a way that words just can't describe, taking your breath away.

    Your description is so captivating in places:

    plaguing legacy

    esoteric symphonies

    blue teardrops.

    - small words, but they make a big impact on the overall imagery in the sentence.

    I think the tone of regret in your ending is very powerful, so remorseful over what could have been, and if only.

    I love your title choice and it fits perfectly with your message being about pain that is deeper than in the heart. Excellent choice.

    This one has to go into my faves!