Comments : Just another time poems

  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    Hey what a truly inspirational little write. So much said.

    Though time has gone by
    And people have left you behind.
    Don't allow yourself to dwell
    On the things you can never change.
    Tim may pass and change our relationships with people but we should be grateful that we are still breathing no matter what. Past is past and it should stay there.

    Look to the future
    Open your heart and mind.
    Continue to grow
    And show them who you always were.
    Very inspirational part to this piece. We do need to concentrate rather than the good especially nowadays with how the earth is shaping up.

    Though times maybe hard
    And many obstacles ahead.
    You can still be what you want
    And find the happiness you deserve.
    Well said. I always say times may be hard now but they don't usually last for long.

    Fab write, Em