Comments : Our Friend 2-01-08

  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    Phil, this is really good. The rhyming, the rhythm and beat all fit together perfectly.
    Friendship is something not to be messed with I guess. I know that first hand but sometimes it can be a good thing, we do have to be friends first to know if that person is for us. Maybe I got it all wrong I'm not sure.
    Our friend is in distress
    A place I've just come from
    Feeling hurt, then helpless
    Overwhelmed and then numb
    Bored, dispersed and listless
    Not herself, worrisome
    And love seems so hopeless
    It's tough to overcome
    A powerful opening and one many could relate to, it's hard knowing someone you care for is hurting and you don't know what to do.

    Some fantasies that she has had depend
    Upon her having loving to extend
    Are they lost or can her heart still mend
    Because she's too honest to just pretend
    A habit I've resolved to attend
    To be a positive force for my friend
    Negative thoughts no longer transcend
    So I can help her emptiness to end
    Love is a great healer but sometimes it can hurt like hell. It's a vicious cycle unless you find someone who truly loves you, I'm still soul searching.

    I can't see telling her
    What she won't want to know
    The truth is, I prefer
    That my feelings should show
    Though the thoughts that concur
    Could have been apropos
    I won't let past recur
    'Cause I've solved our worst foes
    Replaying how we were
    To see where I could grow
    With answers I infer
    To merit her hearts glow
    You can never tell someone something they don't want to hear because they don't usually listen though sometimes it helps.

    Can she ever be that way again
    And did I lose my only chance back then
    I think she's strong enough, though shaken
    And brilliant enough to reawaken
    I can't expect it would be sudden
    But I'm just not trusting my acumen
    Should I tell her while there's no new men
    Or would telling her make our chance worsen
    Ifs, what's and but many things that stop us going from those things we truly desire. My advice is just do.

    I don't know what to do
    There's just no guarantee
    That's why I'm asking you
    Could you see her with me
    As fitting as are few
    Raising a family
    Supportive, through and through
    Loving and happily
    I can't stop my review
    Of how we could still be
    The love we all pursue
    Is in my memory
    Sometimes memories are best kept as that, other times they aren't. Only we can decide that.

    I love her with significance
    Not superficial arrogance
    But does she still see the same chance
    That we'd enhance our life's romance
    Wonderful ending

    Hope you're well, Em