Comments : Love Leaves Its Scar

  • 7 years ago

    by Mello193

    Great poem, but the rhyming was so off It bothered me so I took the liberty of fixing it and editing it as I saw fit to have syllable count and rhymes. You were pretty good up until the last stanza with the second and fourth line just fell apart.

    Stop messing with my head,
    see at night, I keep having these dreams of you..
    right next to me in bed.
    But I realize that there's nothing I can do.

    I know we can never be,
    I'm aware I'm not your type.
    But cant you see the real me,
    Just isn't worth all the hype.

    Nonetheless I'll always love you.
    Everything you are,
    Even the worst parts of you too.
    Love will leave a scar.