Comments : Infernos

  • 3 years ago

    by Em

    This is beyond beautiful. The words you use may be seen as simple but they are far from that with how you have written this piece.

    The title for some reason drew me in (as well as me just looking through recently submitted pieces) and I thought an inferno was a huge, out of control fire but I looked it up and some content of could hell though here o doubt its that but an out of control fire well, maybe not fire but desire for someone with the content.

    To be in love so deep can feel like heaven I guess (not that any of us know how that is until we reach there) and when they touch us the emotions run wild and get stronger well I say stronger more intense and even if they do things wrong we can't be mad for long and whys that? Because no one can come close to their touch, the love you feel for that person or the intensity of your feelings for them and when you fall you do fall hard and fast and it feels like there is no end to their talents thus you feel 'Hellfire's inevitable' because you have fallen and keep falling for them everyday. Loved this and especially the ending and one day we'll all have this honest, pain free love but when I wish I knew.

    Sorry I rambled but I hope you understand what I am trying to say lol.
    Take care, Em x