• 4 years ago

    by ether

    What drew me to this was the word "caveat" which, embarrassingly enough, I only learned the meaning of this month. I liked the content of this poem too, the nice balance of questioning with resolutions toward the end. You also put a unique spin on the age old notions of uncertainty and looking to God for some clarity. There are a few grammar errors such as "This words" should be "these words", "he will make long my day" should be "he will make my day long" that may be on purpose or you may have accidentally overlooked.

    I've not read any of your other work (yet), but I get a sense that your writing is influenced by poems of decades or centuries past - perhaps by the classics they teach in school. An example of this is "o'er", typically an old English word. Although I'm not sure what your education syllabus is like in South Africa, it would really interest me to know (feel free to shoot me a PM) what poetry they teach and at what age you start learning English.

    Anyway, a good poem and I enjoyed the read. All the best.

    • 4 years ago


      Thank u very much Ether, I have made the necessary changes, I hope you'll keep inspiring me with thy words of rich art.