Tribute to Shakespeare

by Mahesh Kachare   Nov 24, 2017

Thanks Shakespeare to write such literature
You have shown man's thoughts and nature

Really, you were the great psychiatrist
No one can hold your hand and wrist

You read out the minds of the audience
Not daily, but you did it just for once

What should I say about your great sonnets
By reading it, people are giving them rates

Your pure comedies were really nice
By reading it, people became wise

You have made experiment with dramas
That everyone forgot their traumas

Thanks for writing the play, King Lear
I could increase my power to bear

At that time what you were eating ?
I wonder about your ideas' fitting

Really, in life, you had some God power
Hence, you became inspirational tower

With your words, people, you tie
Hence, by dying, you didn'the die

In literature, you never lie
With such words, bye-bye.


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