Comments : Fast walkers, fasttalkers

  • 2 years ago

    by Ren

    Wow...this definitely gets the reader thinking! Great write!

  • 2 years ago

    by naaz

    Hi Abed, it's the first time I am reading your poem and going to give a comment on it. So, please don't mind if I interpret it any different.

    The first thought which came into my mind after reading it like I was in a rock concert and listening to you. Lyrics of those songs are mostly about the sins happening around us, and we too contributed to them in one way or another.
    Like you wrote this whole poem telling us the difference between what we were and what are we becoming and gave it an end that is fully justified with the title 'fast walkers, fast talkers'. The end is like who cares, even I wrote this poem and I forgot, because my shirt is on its way to my home.

    Yes, we are forgetting who we are and there was a time when the wrong dragged regret- regret dragged understanding - understanding dragged forgiveness and mistakes were enjoyable.
    This poem shows the terms and conditions of modern world 'fast walker and fast talker'. Both of these qualities are essential to survive this modern life and those who don't have them leave behind because time is not in our sleeve anymore.

    The start and end is exactly a poem should need. The language is phenomenal, it's just few places where you forgot to add letter 'l' in fast talkers and you forgot to give space between fast and talkers or maybe you did it intentionally to justify the second part of the title 'fast talkers'. You know when we talk very fast, sometimes, we eat few words.

    Then there is this part.. 'the wrong dragged regret dragged understanding dragged forgiveness'. I just felt some punctuation missing. Obviously, I could be wrong too and it could be intentional too. After all, it's your poem and you are the creator. I guess you know better.

    Abed, I read few of your other poems too, and they were as excellent as this one.
    You have written like 14 poems and most of them won weekly contest. It clearly shows how good you are as a poet and portraying your thoughts about the things happening around you with your words.

    All the best!

  • 2 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    No matter what I am feeling at the moment, I know that when I read a poem by you, it will take me to another train of thought and or emotion. I miss your poetry so I am very happy you have posted my dear friend!!