A reflection

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Jan 19, 2020

A reflection

It's a winter long night
I sit on a wooden chair
With a yellowish light
In a room with still air

It's really dark outside
But every now and then
It shines briefly when
A lighting strikes again

Rain sounds heavy though
I closed well my room
And i closed against you
My mind sat in gloom

Only a thunder breaks
The rhyme of the rain
You see nothing breaks
You from coming again

As night, deep black
My coffee sits near
It scent brings back
A night from last year

As warm as this room
We heated the cold air
And out of our perfume
We adorned it so fair

What a well we drank
And all the way down
Together we sank
Together did drown

That well we abused
And had a lot from
After we were amused
We hit the red drum

Back to here and now
Not a moment I regret
It's pretty funny how
We seek what we can't get

From  "The nightingale and his poems of noontide"
© Ziad Dib Jreige


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