Comments : napowrimo 9 - Awakening

  • 5 months ago

    by Violet Raven

    Another piece i love and understand. Through traumatic events we all see it differently and the war within ourselves is one battle that is difficult to win. With depression we all search for peace and stability. Same with PTSD. I found this poem to almost be a memory but i feel like it could read as a flashback to someone. This person caused you the war within yourself.

    The metaphors and wording is excellent with the meaning you wanted to say. Camouflaged, bugle.

    You used camouflage as a way you shelter your thoughts in darkness and it works well here, and bugles are known to be wake up calls.

    The ending is perfect as well because you are scared of the darkness of nighttime. That is where everything took place and it is hard for you to return home and home is happiness perhaps.