8 days

by Beautiful Tragedy   Jun 11, 2020

8 days feels like forever.
I hang up the phone with you and try to rub the tiredness from my eyes;
My heart sank when I got home and the reality sunk in that you’re not here for 8 days-
You dropped me off at work this morning and then headed up to New York.
I do my normal routine of taking off my badge,
Smoking a cigarette.
Getting a drink of water.
Changing out of my work clothes.
Taking my contacts out.
I already emptied the dehumidifier and turned on the AC-
Made sure the door was locked and sealed.
But then instead of the couch I crawl into bed;
And instead of my side I crawl into yours.
I miss you.
And I’m in a whole house that smells like you;
But i don’t care.
I’ll sleep on your side of the bed until you get back to sleep on it with me-
That’s the only way I’m getting through these 8 days.


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