Every part of my soul

by Shining Stars   Nov 24, 2020

I’ve been lying to myself all year.
I keep telling myself I’m not in love with you;
That I don’t need you.
I keep telling myself that I don’t miss you and
that I could never go back to you.
No matter what you do or say if you asked for me
back I wouldn’t take you back.
But that’s all those thoughts are;
Is lies.
Because I know that deep down I am still very
much in love with watching you help
your pap work on the house.
I’m still in love with the way you kiss my daughter
and smile when she giggles,
I still miss being able to kiss you anytime I want
and I still get the urges all the time to do it out of nowhere.
I still miss being able to sit on your lap-
And I want to drive you to and from work and hug you after you come home.
I still miss horse playing around in the kitchen and getting yelled at by your mom because we drive her up the wall but;
The biggest lie of them all is that I wouldn’t
take you back because I know damn well
that if you asked me-
I would do it in half of a flutter of a butterfly wing.
I still love you with every part of my soul.


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