Countdown To Christmas

by Walter   Dec 22, 2020

Like the key to my door unlocks, the comforts in which I dwell
Like the aroma of a home cooked meal, that instantly I smell
Like the kiss of a loving wife, who will still make time to greet
Like the three coarse meal that is served, and every time a treat

Like the hot shower where my skin soaks, which I'll take twice a day
Like the feel of freshly washed clothes, even though they're just pj's
Like the fire which glows at night and keeps everybody warm
Like the safety of my home, when outside there's a storm

Like our Christmas tree on display, where all its colours shine
Like the presents thoughtfully picked, hoping they'll be divine
Like all our family and friends, together every year
Like being reminded of our youth, when watching children cheer

Like feeling that we have it all, and not a thing we need
Like so much food left over, for a whole week we will feed
Like hugs and kisses received, from all who genuinely care
Like feeling so much love, and with so many that we share

Just remember not all of us, who have a life like this
Just remember some are lonely and loved ones dearly missed
Just remember to be grateful, as we're not all alike
Just remember for some at Christmas...this won't be what it's like


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