Comments : "Drink Me"

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Hello, I like the title "Drink Me" as it could be about drinking anything... It could be an attempt at a suicide note or just purely be a simplistic title that came after the posm: I say this as many of my titles come to me afterwards.

    Have you ever
    drunk happiness
    from a bottle?
    I absolutely love this opening, as if you're questioning straight away the readers frame of mind, as though you're asking if the reader is OK or have they ever had to "make themselves happy" by drinking most likely or even using 'happy pill' (excuse me for that term I truly hate it myself.)

    No it's not liquor,
    although it does
    gives you courage,
    this shall give you
    giggles galore.
    Now, this confuses me a lottle because it isn't an alcoholic beverage 'liquor' but it'll give you the giggles and I say this because a lot of the time if I've drunk a little too much I've become 'giggly' hence I think where the term, "let's get merry" comes from.

    Honestly speaking
    it's like a potion
    time consuming to
    make and easy to
    mess up.
    Another intriguing stanza though i hope you don't mind me saying I would change the last line to "though it's easily messed up" to make it a little more interesting instead of coming across at the moment as though 'it takes all your time to make and it's easy to mess up,' it comes across as 'one wrong move and that's it.'

    Maybe it's worth it
    or mayhap it's not
    Who knows what
    will be the effects
    since I've never
    needed it before.
    I love the risk taking in this as 'if you don't try, you won't know' so to speak lol.... But not are 'mayhap' is meant to be 'maybe' here or is it a shortened version of 'May happen?'

    Should you take it
    could you tell me
    what it conjures up
    within you?
    This shouted out to me: 'if I told you anyway would you do as you pleased?' as I've had a lot of people asking me advice recently and it going in one ear and out the other and then them coming back to me when things get rough... Would we listen to someone's advice, is what I'm trying to say? I'd like to think I do but not many people can agree.

    Happy drinking
    and may joy stay
    inside forever.
    I'm wondering if this is a little sarcasm or a honest sincere hope that a potion for happiness could exist, wouldn't it be lovely if it did?

    A thought provoking piece,
    Em x