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  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Hey Maher, firstly I'd like to say I really liked this and I hope you'll do a recoding as I kind of sang it how I thought it would song though not pretty. If you ever do or there is a recording I'd love to listen *smiles*
    The title 'Help (Damn)' makes me wonder straight away about what went wrong or what to envision is about to especially with the 'damn' in brackets it's abit to me like you need or want help and are asking for it and when someone advices you on what they'd do you kick yourself as to why you haven't thought of this solution previously.. If that makes sense, I do it all the time.

    Dead weather comes again in a dress
    of clouds and ecstasy.
    Near naked, falling through the night:
    it feels like tragedy.
    How could the blue that hides her eyes
    drip lies so gracefully?
    A veil for hurt that plagues the mind,
    pent up so thoughtfully.
    I love this stanza, I feel for you though because my pet peeve is a liar but rest assured they always get found out eventually don't they? That's why I like karma because it comes when you're least expecting it so do good really and good comes to you.. Sorry I digress, I like the imagery in this stanza of the weather dressing itself in clouds and ecstasy, it's as though it's pried you out with the ecstasy just to disappoint you, that happens to me alot in relations, whether it be friends or boyfriends, it's quite annoying in fact... My favourite line is "how could the blue that hides her eyes drop lies so gracefully?" because it's lie her eyes are being hidden by what's truly behind them but, like me, you can tell someone is lying through their eyes.. It's an amazing trait to have in all fairness.

    Damn this night
    and damn the light
    and damn the years that left me.
    All the ties
    you were denied
    I'll damn them if you let me.
    There's a lot of damns here which makes the damn in the title apparent. This to me oozes with regret on years gone by, maybe years wasted with a person you thought loved you but infact was just a liar in the first degree, unfortunately although we've all got things we regret in the past that comes and haunts us most every night when we try to sleep, I say that as that's when we seem to have time to Ponder the most.

    My Honour, let me share the weight:
    this back is empty.
    I'll steal the darkness from your face,
    I've room for plenty.
    How can a half-smile speak the tongue
    of wanted chemistry?
    If I could bring the last half on,
    it could mean everything.
    Again, the imagery here is brilliant... Trying to share their load as yours is empty and stealing their sombre mood or some of it to make them feel a little lighter is extremely honourable of you to try and do and is pretty sweet too in reality as not many people, men especially would do this. Those last two lines though are very powerful and my favourite of the whole piece.

    So damn this sight
    and damn tonight
    and damn the me you're feeling.
    All you've cried
    and still denied,
    I'm damned if you won't reach me.
    Wow, it seems like here alot of manipulation is being used by someone to get what they want, I mean I could be wrong just how I read between the lines so to speak and came up with, probably more lines between than there was, haha. I hear the plea of cries though and yeah, this is relatable.

    Take care,
    Em x

    • 1 year ago

      by Maher

      Hey Em, I miss these breakdowns of yours, they're always worth a read. Hope you're doing well :) I like your take on it, but my bad, I forgot to include the last bit.

      It's about a girl who needed help, but lied about her situation to not burden anyone else with her problems. The chemistry referred to is more a close friendship one with just wanting her to be ok again. All the damning going on is an argument with the self about wanting to help but not being able to because it's not being allowed. Like responding to a call for help where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

      I don't usually explain these, but I think this one needed it as the message is an important one :)

    • 1 year ago

      by Em

      Thanks for explaining Maher, yes that message is utterly important and it's totally understandable more what your piece is about when I saw this and RE-read..
      I'm OK thanks, I hope you're well too
      Take care x