Comments : my grains drive me insane

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    The title 'my grains drive me insane' could be about a number of things really but in my opinion this is about things from the past or possibly present getting on your nerves and driving you more insane than you already were, now I can comment on this as I'm insane too hehe

    Bang, Bang, Bang!
    Jack hammers my pounding skull
    from the brain side out
    I love the description here it seems to me your talking about a migraine as they're awful things though I think this goes further than that maybe it's about the untrue thoughts are banging from the inside of your mind and are trying to get out so I suggest you let them.

    Slam, Slam, Slam
    a rusty spanner splinters
    my cry eye socket
    Ouch, that's gotta hurt but I'm guessing this is about hay-fever because it's so scratchy and itchy and would feel as though splinters are in your eye although I've got dry eye and it feels pretty much the same and despite the name my eyes water alot. Again, wonderful description.

    Drip, Drip, Drip
    congealed corneas droops their gloop
    face side down... so down
    A harsh reality, makes me think of headache auras and how people who suffer migraines can sometimes get signs (can't think of the real word) that they're going to get a headache which is good for them but gutting for those of us who suffer daily and don't haha I like the repetition of the word down and it shows how debilitating

    Head Crushing
    carnage needs more than just two
    Ahh now this makes me believe this was actually about a migraine, these types of headaches are awful although my pressure headaches are much, much worse for me as it feels like my head is in a vice due to my IIH.

    All in all a brilliant piece. I love the repetition of the words, it makes it feel more real, in my opinion.
    Take care and stay safe,
    Em xx

    • 2 years ago

      by Mr. Darcy

      thank you, Em for your in-depth comment. I can see how some of these symptoms are hay fever like. Fortunately, i don't suffer with hay fever, but i know how awful it is for those that do. As for migraines, i know people who are forced to have to stay in bed for days.

      The format of this piece is like a syntuit, but i wanted the first line to be just 3 syllables to 'drum' home the symptoms. Thanks again, for your comment and insight. xx