Comments : be everyday you (syntuit string)

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    Hello there, Mr. D (you'll always be that to me haha) the title 'be everyday you' at first I thought you'd written it wrong as in it should have been 'be you everyday' but I realised what you'd done once I read the whole piece completely and it really suits this piece down to a tee and I think it's cleverly executed to like any syntuit should be and it connects to both of the strings too, not just the first or the last.

    Kevin swaps his suit
    each Friday for a dress and

    the name of Karen
    I like this opening because it shows that Kevin isn't afraid to be who he wants to be but I personally don't think he should have to wait just until Friday but I guess changing drastically (I hope that doesn't sound horrible as it's not meant to be) takes time to do and do well really.

    she hopes one day to
    wear a dress anytime and

    feel liberated!
    I like the ending, I think we should be allowed to be anything we want (ofcourse within reason) to be, when we want to be it without any judgement from others but unfortunately the world we live in has too many judgmental people still even in this day and age. We should all feel liberated and be made to feel liberated by those around us especially our loved ones.
    Absolutely loved this, it sends a really powerful message.
    Take care,
    Em x

    • 1 year ago

      by Mr. Darcy

      Thanks again, Em. I do like dresses, but, personally, i like them on Women and big burly Scotsman. Having said that, i did wear one once to a wedding, and come to think of it, i did feel, liberated! xx