Take me back

by Shining Stars   Feb 17, 2022

Take me back.
Take me back to the days when I spent countless hours in your loving arms;
When nothing else in the world mattered and everything felt so free and easy.
Take me back to the endless laughter;
The not knowing what to say but not needing to say anything.
Back when your laughter was my medicine and we were the topic of many anecdotes.
Take me back to when the brush of your fingertips against mine told me that everything would be okay-
When I wasn’t scared of anything except losing you and not getting enough sleep.
When the world slowed down to a stop when you looked at me and your forehead kisses made me so dizzy my knees almost buckled.
Take me back to when I was loved-
Back to when we ordered too many wings and played too many games of pool-
I always lost.
Back when the only moments that mattered were the ones with you and;
I reflected on them for hours afterwards because I didn’t want to be out of them-
Like ever.
They were so sacred and everything reminds me of those days with you that I miss so terribly but can’t get back.
Take me back to those days.
Take me back to you.


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