Closest thing to home

by Shining Stars   Feb 23, 2022

It felt like I’d spent my whole life waiting for you when we first met but;
It’d also felt like I’d known you my whole life.
Conversation flowed effortlessly and-
There was just this way about you that made it impossible for me tell you anything but the truth.
You’d always had a way of seeing right through me;
You always knew exactly what I was feeling before I even said anything.
It was almost poetic;
You and I.
You weren’t just the light in my darkness you showed me
How to be my own light in the darkness and;
I loved you even more for that.
All of those long nights that we had spent talking and laughing;
Endless effortless light conversations and time stopped when you were there.
You were the epitome of being great;
And you never even tried to do that you just did it.
I still consider those the best days of my life;
Sitting on barstools beside you and playing pool-
Laughing at our inside jokes like they were the best ones anyone could ever have,
And they were.
They really were.
Countless nights of listening to our favorite songs;
Cuddling on the couch and taking selfies that only captured single glimpses of what I’d felt for you in those moments and every second afterwards for years-
You were literally the best thing I’d ever known.
And you felt so much like home.
The love and kindness never left your eyes;
Even when I said goodbye to you that night before I left.
I wanted to hug you so hard that we both couldn’t breathe;
I would’ve preferred not to breathe over that hug than the way I couldn’t breathe when I’d packed the last belonging of mine into the car and
left the city-
Leaving you behind with it.
It had felt like I spent my whole life waiting for you when we first met;
But it had also felt like I’d known you my whole life.
By the time I left-
I knew you were the closest thing to home in a human being I had ever known.
To this day you still are.


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  • 4 months ago

    by Pia

    I find it so very upsetting that you lost this because of your words. Good job!

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