Sitting here

by Lisa   Apr 1, 2022

My wedding day
I could not wait
The man who I will say I do
Is is waiting for my arrival
There are things I hate about this day
And I so wish I could change them
The one who walks me down the isle is not my dad at heart
He fed my body and sheltered me from the rain
But this man hurt my body and cause so much pain
The man I called daddy
Would sing a song of love
Oh how I wished he walked beside me in my new white this day
My heart it longed for someone who showed me love and care
Why does it matter who walks you down the isle?
But it made that special one with hurt and regret
He even insisted we had made everything right that same night.
My heart didn't want to hear it for me it was too late.
Father's should love love their daughters
How will a girl know love
I question people intentions no matter what they do
I have taken steps to shine so Brite
But you will never know
Because you used and abused me so many years ago.


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