Work of Art

by Walter   Jun 1, 2022

In my heart, she is a rose
Whose flower never fades
In my eyes, the centrepiece
As if she's on parade

In my veins, I feel her flow
Whenever she is near
In my mind, her colours mix
And far she'll still appear

In my ears, I hear her voice
Her echo is all around
In my thoughts, which she'll arouse
Her whisper the only sound

In my skin, I feel her touch
With hers which is so warm
In my blood, she'll make it race
Way higher than the norm

In my dreams, she always stays
Eyes open won't subdue
In my life, she's made complete
When waking next to you

You're a rose and will always be
In full bloom in my heart
A masterpiece that you'll create
Your love, a work of art


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