Comments : Hush

  • 1 year ago

    by Xaque

    The writer gripped me instantly with this piece. I found the further and further I read the more I was rewarded in rhythm and potent substance. The writer shows a mastery of word play throughout the piece. "Borders bored", "famine raised in countries razed" especially stood out to me. The soft tone of each beginning of each stanza by speaking to a loved one is contrasted with the tyranny described, illustrating greed, indifference and cruelty. The ending also tied to the beginning, and as much as I loved the whole piece, the ending line is my favorite. I interpreted a theme of injustice and totalitarianism, and that what has already been done is unstoppable and all-knowing. I got strong "thought crime", 1984 vibes. Great read.

    • 1 year ago

      by Maher

      Thank you Xaque, glad you enjoyed it. 1984 is exactly what I had in mind, along with WEF's agenda that's pretty much all public now.