Comments : Trying to Be One of Them

  • 16 years ago

    by Ironic Allure

    Powerful work and message. Very well described. The rhyming didn't seem to interfere with the actual message of the poem either. Cleverly written.
    If this is about you, I'm sorry you feel like this, but just be thankful you have the capability to express yourself as well as you have done here. I'm sure you have many other brilliant talents too. It's just finding them.
    Keep your head high.
    All my love,

  • 16 years ago

    by xxangelchicxx2000

    wonderful poem keep it up. 5/5

    thanks for reading my poems . means alot to me~!!~

  • 16 years ago

    by Kia

    wow awesome poem... and the truth has been spoken i know that i feel like that alot of the time... im not skinny enough im not pretty enought... those feelings suck... awesome job

  • 16 years ago

    by jennifer

    Amazing poem and so very true. 5/5 as always. Take care