Comments : Thanks ma- for Luanne

  • 16 years ago

    by Raychil

    You're writing a lot today, I love it :). This poem was beautiful, I know your "mom" will love it. You have such a great talent in writing, this poem had a lot of love and feeling in it, great job, 5/5, it was excellent.

  • 16 years ago

    by Lu

    There are times I want to tell you
    You wouldn’t want me to be yours
    I’m not always the nicest of people
    Sometimes I think my mom don’t want me anymore

    Ohhhh my sweet little Chelsey not want you as my daughter are you out of your mind girl....LMAO

    You ARE everything a mother could ever want in a daughter, sometimes you are just to darn hard on yourself . Everyone is cranky at times just ask my hubby...he'll tell ya
    but it's the beautiful qualities we hold that make our little flaws disappear.
    And girly you have many, many beautiful qualities .

    Your compassion for people for one just blows me away. It is something that should be praised because it comes from your heart.

    I have many, many more to speak of but they have just inspired me to write a new poem.....and nanner...nanner you can't see it yet

    You are a wonderful, beautiful girl inside and out and this poem has touched my heart more than you will ever believe.

    Though many miles separate us
    our hearts are always together
    your faith, love and hope
    brings sunshine to cloudy weather

    There will come a day when
    my cyber daughter I will embrace
    she holds a special place in my heart
    that no other can replace

    Momma loves ya A.I.D you will always be my (angel in disguise)

  • 16 years ago

    by Eibutsina

    Oooh Chelsey this a beautiful piece written for a very beautiful person. Your right darling Luanne is something yourself an angel that we have all been blessed to encounter and learn from. Your both in my eyes, extremely lucky to have found each other. Very sweet dedication princess, very sweet ;o)
    Luv your titta xxoo