Comments : Where Once We Died

  • 17 years ago

    by Carolina g

    WOW!!! That was GREAT! I Loved it, the story was sad, yet oh so very romantic....5/5!

  • 17 years ago

    by Weeping Wolf

    Those summers ago,
    I would have died,
    One thousand more times
    Just to feel your gentle breath
    Caress my neck again

    wow. those are such moving lines. wonderfully trajic and brilliant poem about love, reminds me of a few things i've written.

  • 16 years ago

    by Mihaela

    I like a lot this poem because you managed to describe the same feelings I had in certain moments of my life!Congratulations,you have done a great work!Keep up the good job!Take good care of u!Best regrds,Michelle XxX