Comments : Sonnet For The Artisticly Dead

  • 17 years ago

    by NannO

    OMG... i LOVED THISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    absolutely breath-taking..
    i havent commented anyone in ages, so forgive me if i didnt point out some stuff..

    well, first of all ur rhyme scheme is awesome and ur flow is flawless.. metaphors and abstract images reli intrigue me and amuse me a lot, so i was totally captivated by this piece..

    not too long, but not too short either, which suits readers of both preference, esp since im more into shorter, deeper poems these days :D

    loooved how u tied all ur lines with each other, and the emotion conveyed throughout the whole poem was amazing!!

    i esp. loved the last two lines.. that just blew my mind, honestly..

    "Do halos die without Heavenly faiths."
    this line spoke the most to me.. reli stood out and in some sense it touched me

    GR8 JOB!!
    thnx a lot for ur comment
    sorry this came sooo late, ive been busy with school

    keep on rolling :D
    take care

  • Hmm...wonderful once again...but I had tog o with a 4. I loved was...weird. *shrugs* my mind is yet a weird place and not for those inexperienced. XD


  • 17 years ago

    by The Crappy Poet

    I liked this. I could never write a sonnet this good, I cannot stand structure.