Comments : Black Widow

  • 17 years ago

    by Elynnka

    I really liked your descriptions and wording! You really managed to paint a picture in my mind! Good write! ^^

  • 17 years ago

    by Crimson Moon

    Interesting poem
    You made an impressive description of the black widow
    I changed something at Untitled... I think it's ok now :-?
    anyway... excellent job ;)

  • Very was wonderful once again. *sighs* by now you can tell I have like nothing to do in the morning except read wonderful poetry and wait for 5:30 to come around so I can wake up my step-sisters (which one of my darker poems are about...hehe)


  • 17 years ago

    by Sara_Nicole

    Great Job..This Poem Is Really Really Good..It Makes Me Feel Mischevious and Naughty...But I Don't Know Why.....