by Beautiful Chaos   Mar 28, 2007

Such sultry lips of toxic lust,
They burn through me igniting a fever,
My senses are on fire and I am lost,
Every inch of my being ready to bust.

Such sultry lips of toxic lust,
Should never have come to creation,
Gods sweet temptations to test my soul,
Have left me with great inspiration.

Such sultry lips of toxic lust,
Are cascading all over my shape,
I'm melting inside, you're drinking me down,
Even if I could, I wouldn't escape.

Such sultry lips of toxic lust,
They have left me here quaking with want,
You are the sweetest sin I've ever known,
And love a slave, to what you've grown.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    I can't understand why nobody commented on this poem i think it is worthy of some comment, you had a good choice for subject matter the poem flowed well and rhymed well, though you shifted your rhyming lines around a bit it still worked rather well


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