Comments : Popular

  • 17 years ago

    by Sherry Lynn

    Nicely written and very true. I was never one that fell in the "popular" crowd ... at least not the "good" ones lol.

    I hope that you continue to write and share your work here. You seem to have some talent that many will benefit from.


  • 17 years ago

    by Daisy if you do

    I truly love this piece. I am going to share it with my daughters. It is so true that in todays society the cliques are what makes you or breaks you. Or so it seems. I have tried to teach my daughters that no matter what just do your best and be true to yourself. You will always have people stabbing you in the back, whether it be cliques or not. Makes me sick to think of the way people acted in high school and it's carried over into our lives today as well. As for your poem it was awesome as usual. I think there was only one minor spelling error. In the last stanza the word popular was spelled poplar. Otherwise this was wonderfully written and I hope you do not take offense to the correction. Thank you for bringing to light the cliques will stab you in the back. My grandmother always told me be careful of who's got your back they are probably looking for a soft spot to stab you.