Comments : Patterns In The Ivy.

  • 12 years ago

    by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex

    That's what I have to say.
    awtfaovjlckmsasljksj. o.o

    Okay. Let's try to explain my feelings.
    Oh, heavenly father where art thou?
    You have taken my mansion aloft;
    sent it upon that high ol' hill,
    with the patterns of ivy, oh so soft!
    [[The first line is cliche; it's always said, but the rest....F-u-c-k.]]

    Now. I love old english poems, but not many can pull it off. You did. This is beautiful and the idea is so NOT cliche I could cry. It's f'ing amazing.
    Teria, I can't express my love for this poem.
    I didn't much like the ending line, it threw me off a little, but I freaking love it anyways.
    +Favorite Poems.
    +Contest Nomination.

    xTheEcstasyofSuicidex 5.5