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  • I keep forgetting all the memories
    But anywhere i look at,
    anywhere i go....

    All i see is you v.v

    7 years ago
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  • Sometimes i just you know...
    wanna be free
    sometimes i just wanna breath
    to get some fresh air...
    to be single

    but then i remember...

    i dont have a boyfriend O.O

    7 years ago
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  • If you're on the bridge
    and the one you love is going to fall off the bridge
    but your holding one of her/his hand?

    remember if you love him/her
    you have too.....


    7 years ago
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  • Why do we always have to get hurt?
    Why do our heart always have to shatter?
    Is it a bad thing to love someone?
    Is it faith to have our hearts not one?

    i often wonder...

    Will things ever change?

    7 years ago
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  • Are you an oxygen?
    I just feel like,
    I'm gonna die if you're gone

    7 years ago
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  • How can you see the person who will love you,
    And the person who'll you'll spent forever with...

    When you're not looking at me? x]

    7 years ago
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  • If only i told you how i feel
    Than maybe....
    Just maybe......
    Things would go out right </3

    7 years ago
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  • I rather choose to see you holding her/his hand happily
    Than see you sad when you're with me..
    'cause for me it's better if im the one to get hurt
    than you :(

    7 years ago
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  • They say say it's tiring to love...
    Sometimes your happy,
    Sometimes you cry.

    They say i will soon get tired,

    They say that's not true, Know why?

    "When did a person get tired by loving someone truly? :]"

    7 years ago
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  • Don't be afraid to go trough an adventure they call love
    Because loving is the twin of sacrificing...

    When you love someone truely
    without getting anything in return..?
    That's the only time you will know
    the meaning of "Love".

    7 years ago
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