Book Reviews

  • vanessarrr
    16 years ago

    so does this mean i'm not the only bookworm around here? =) one of my new year's resolutions is to move on from the 'young adults' isle to the 'adults' one. i've heard of "a child called IT" and i plan to read it soon (once my midterms is over!). other than that, i think we're actually reading either "To Kill a Mockingbird" and/or "Gone With The Wind" at school. DA VINCI CODE definitely blew me away... i heard they're making a movie out of it. well, thanks for the reviews!

  • Jme
    16 years ago

    yall mustve been reeallly bored

  • miss scooby
    16 years ago

    Being bored and reading i find to be 2 very different
    Reading for me, my personal oppinion on that is a time when i can kick my feet up after a long day curl up on the couch with a blanket and dive right into a book. Some men after work like to go relax by having a beer....I --- a woman like to relax by reading {and i know i am not the only one who does this}. Have you ever read a suspensful book that had you right on the edge of your chair that you just couldnt put down??? me thats the absloute best feeling in the world.

    Right now i am in the middle of reading "Deadly Decisions" by Kathy Reichs....when i am done I will be sure to let yal know how it is.